Meet the Team

41 people and a beta fish who love YouTube, solving problems, and eating cake with our beer.

Pete Borum

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to cofounding Reelio, I was the Director of Communications at Revstone, where I led the brand consolidation of 18 portfolio companies in 4 countries. Before that, I founded Aspirént, a strategic consulting firm. Originally from a small farm town in Kentucky, I have a BA from Stanford University, and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

Benjamin Williams

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Nerd Herder

I have worked in organizations large and small, as well as founded and led numerous startups (Open Sky Energy, PennDSL). I love learning about engineering, philosophy, business, history, and useless trivia. When not at Reelio, I’m a fixture at local coffee shops, mainlining espresso and pounding away on the laptop. I am a meathead.

Mark Borum

VP of Marketing

If you ask my mom, I’m her favorite child. If you ask my 8th grade class, I’m most likely to succeed. If you ask me, I’m the only guy in my family not over six feet tall. I’m excited by the opportunity to mix creative process with a results-oriented focus. If you want to find me outside of Reelio, I’m either exploring New York’s nooks and crannies, playing weekend sports, enjoying the city’s theatre scene, or sprawled across my couch watching some Netflix or YouTube.

Dan McKenzie

Director of Legal & Business Affairs

When not sliding down mountains or swimming in oceans, I focus on Reelio’s day to day legal needs and business operations, working closely with our Account Management and Sales teams to ensure great outcomes for our customers.

Dave Dickman


Dave learned how to be scrappy sharing 1 bathroom with 7 brothers and sisters on the mean mid-west streets. He is passionate about all things tech/media and spends his time raising 2 kids, 2 puppies, 1 cat, 1 rabbit and a creative wife.

Mark Brenner

Senior Advisor
Business Development Consultant

- Previous: Founder/CEO – TVG Horse Racing Network
- Founder/CEO – TVGuide Interactive
- Managing Director – Plexient Group, M&A Venture Capital

Joe Lagani

Senior Advisor
Business Development Consultant

- EVP-Chief Revenue Officer, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
- SVP Digital Sales, NBC/iVillage
- VP Brand Sales, Glam Media
- VP Publisher, Conde Nast

Colin O'Rourke

General Manager

I’m Reelio’s Most Interesting Man. Need I say more? Fine. Speaking of fine, I like fine teas, fine films, fine weather, fine ladies, and fine health. Enough about my personal life, let’s talk business. I migrated from film production to helping run this beautiful little diddy (puffy, p. diddy, whatever it goes by these days) and I haven’t looked back.

Alex Li

Chief of Staff

Prior to joining Reelio, I spent my time running an international language school. I’m happy to be working with the team at Reelio to ensure that we are meeting our goals and ready for the challenges ahead. Outside of Reelio, I’m still working on getting a hobby.

Reneé Samms

Sr. Director Sales, Strategy & Operations

Beach Bum. Music Lover. Tech Geek. Sports Junkie. Digital Media Devotee. The World is Your Oyster

Rock Scaglione

Sales Director

All the men in my family owned restaurants. I chose a different path, spending the first half of my career as an investment advisor and the latter half in media. I love helping brands work with YouTube Influencers who relate to their offering and want to feature them as part of their content, but I know my way around a kitchen too.

Denise Tomasetti

Sales Director

"I am woman hear me roar!"
# 1 success to date: Being alive!

Professional Experience: Senior Executive Business Developer for over 20 years in Entertainment & Hospitality Industries.

Senior VP: Business Developer : Churchill Living
Author of FOOD TALKS! I Loved Them,They Left Me, But I Got Their Mothers Recipes.
Executive Producer: Film "Junction"
Producer: Off-Broadway "Crazy Head Space"
Writer: US Weekly: Fashion Police

Shawn Adams

Sales Director

Shawn lives in Santa Monica, is training for Oceanside Ironman 70.3 and loves fish tacos.

Frank Morelli

Account Executive

Before Reelio I spent 4 years at Bucknell university. I majored in political Science and Minored in studio art with a focus in metal sculpture. I also Played on the Men's Lacrosse team for four years. Graduated in May of 2015 and ready to experience life!

Jane Roy

The East Coast Connection

A Maine native, Boston-bred, NYC based sales and marketing leader living behind enemy lines. Focused on digital advertising since 1999 (yes we had the internet back then) I came over to ad tech in 2008 and never looked back. I believe knowledge is power and power lets you play fast, like a shark I keep things moving.

Janna Tevlowitz

Princess Janna

I'm the female version of him. I like beer too.

Pharra Perry

Account Manager
Director of Distraction
La Voz of Reelio

You know that piece of wire that keeps the lady that plays Peter Pan from falling on her face? That is me. When I’m not going through YouTube, I can be found staring blankly at strangers in the park, testing mattresses at the JCPenney, and/or preparing my annual Christmas card. Thank you for your time.

Vivian Valiente

Account Manager
Asst. Director of Distraction

Am I on YouTube right now? Will someone help me find a sponsor for my videos while simultaneously improving my channel and/or insure the success of my branded social media campaign? Oh, I guess that’s my job… When they make me leave work (rude!), I usually drop drop drop it on the dance floor, channel my inner Wednesday Addams, read a novel in the park and drink wine. All at the same time.

Stephen Scoblic

Marketplace Manager

Born in the city, live in the country. Startup lover, pickup owner--my wife and chocolate lab are my shotgun riders. I love interacting with brands and creators and helping bring them both success!

Paul Traficanti

Account Manager

I like beer.

Ava Kelly

Reelio Cares
Account Manager

The proud owner of a Texas-Australia accent. Passionate about digital media, Millennials, and changing the world. Lover of craft beer, dad jokes, and Disney song parodies. Sometimes I do yoga.

Karen Cooper

Account Manager

After working for almost a decade in Europe, I'm loving being back in 'merica as part of the Reelio NYC Accounts team. Current obsessions include: YouTube (obviously), Harlem Dance Club, reading paper versions of the New York Times, picklebacks and documentary filmmaking.

Karen Almonte

Account Manager Assistant

Graphic Design and social media enthusiast learning new skills along the way. Obsessed with HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) and reruns of my favorite shows. Yes, I can watch the same episode 5 times and still laugh. Batman rocks!

Rachel Appel

Associate Creative Director

I’m the kind of person who follows her heart and in the past this has lead me to be an artist, designer, video-maker, activist and woodworker. Although I focus on design here at Reelio, it takes a little bit of everything to help a startup grow. Outside of Reelio, you can find me spending time in my wood shop, checking out new restaurants, and exploring NYC.

Rio Mineta

Video Editor

Video extraordinaire baby fresh out of design school.
Creates all in-house video content / motion graphics.
Strongly supports creative culture, loud music, and grrrrrl power.

Steve Catanzaro

User Experience Designer

My focus is to observe and learn. Here, much of my time is spent on user-centered design and understanding user behavior. How I got here? Loving to: play, draw, paint, illustrate, create, break, experiment, test everything, learn from everyone, probe, reuse, simplify, build, test, iterate, repeat.

My family is the most important thing in the world to me. Oh…and food.

Sudeep De

Product Padawan

Technology is a powerful tool of democracy and creativity, and I’m excited to be a part of team taking entertainment and advertising in new directions.

Joel Cettina


I love creating products that can connect people with an emotion.

Solving Problems like Sherlock Holmes
Innovating like Ben Franklin
Well maybe not, but close.

Joe Bechtold

Product Manager

I'm excited by the process of improvement.

Let's see if we can do better.

Other interests include reading, climbing, games and the future.

Bill Johnston

Greatest Person Ever

There's nothing else to say.

- Drexel University (BS, Information Systems)

Anthony Almarza

Code Pusher

Fightin' around the world! ...
Coffee addict. Web dev. I can write a mean genetic algorithm.

- University of Queensland (BE, Chemical Engineering... represent!)

Damon Ciarelli

Web Ninja

I used to make TV commercials, now I make

Raz Goldin

Web Landscaper

Razzle-Dazzling the website into being and getting negative pun points.

Joaquin Gamboa

Mother of Dragons

Fill or Feed!

Michael Solway

Data Scientist

I enjoy improving and automating the matching between brands and video creators for successful Reelio campaigns. Before, I used similar analytic skills towards my astrophysics PhD at Rutgers University. I play tennis, cook, make beer, hike, fish, and write poems, but now am more busy taking care of my baby daughter Margot.

Vanamali Vanam

Data Scientist

Describing what I do in simple terms is a challenge, but here goes: I analyze data to find and determine relevant patterns via algorithms and optimizations. This results in constantly improving our ability to make valuable decisions. When I’m not finding meaning in data or coding, I am a photographer, capturing patterns and beauty of this world in my pictures.

Chris Doucet

The Boy Who Lived

I spend most of my time finding and destroying horcruxes, and by finding and destroying horcruxes I mean assimilating technical customer service issues and reporting those issues in a timely and orderly manner.

Sabina Ger

Quality Assurance

Hi, I am Sabina Ger, Quality Assurance Manual Testing Consultant at Reelio. I hold a Masters degree in Physics & have worked previously as a Computer Science Professor. I love to do creative art & crafts and also enjoy gardening.

Jenny Chan

Community Manager and Content Creator

Native New Yorker. Lover of music, food, and crafts. I enjoy all things artsy, and am the proud founder of

Jude Manlulu

Community Manager and Content Creator

Prior to joining Reelio, I was involved in resurrecting extinct species, mainly dinosaurs from the Jurassic era. I also facilitated in creating an environment in which they could prosper and thrive. We then turned the space into a theme park. The dinosaurs ultimately attacked us and I lost my job (and pinky toe). With the skills acquired from that job, I joined Reelio to help facilitate content creators to also prosper and thrive with their YouTube channels. I want content creators to grow and make enough money to do something they love. Hopefully, they don’t attack us.

Jessica Schimm

Communications Associate

Representing the city by the bay in the big apple. Want to talk communications? Let’s grab coffee.

When I’m not at work, you can find me in the dance studio choreographing, on Photoshop, or drinking craft beer while Justin Timberlake sings "Friends in Low Places".


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"This is the best team in the world."

- Winston Churchill