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  • AprilJustinTV


    AprilJustinTV 748k+ Reach
  • LinusTechTips


    LinusTechTips 2.6mm+ Reach
  • DamonAndJo


    DamonAndJo 451k+ Reach
  • ScottDW


    ScottDW 734k+ Reach
  • Arlyne Sanjines


    Arlyne Sanjines 322k+ Reach
  • Daym Drops


    Daym Drops 718k+ Reach
  • 77% of viewers said they view companies that create online video as being more engaged with customers.

    - Marketing Charts Staff -

  • 92% of consumers trust recommendations from others, even people they don’t know, over branded content.

    - Social Times -

  • 47% of consumers are using adblockers.

    - Reuters -