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Traditional Ads are Failing, New Consumers Want Content

Consumers today are savvier, more prone to ad fatigue, and more easily distracted than ever before. This makes the job of a marketer harder than ever before. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from strangers over branded content, 47% have ad-blockers installed, and mobile use spikes during commercials.

Influencer marketing reaches consumers in a way they actually appreciate, whether they are watching their favorite influencer’s channel, browsing their social media feed, or searching directly for reviews. Influencers have a unique voice their audience trusts. They not only entertain, inspire and educate their viewers, but they also set trends and review products honestly.

JayzTwoCents + Kano

Influencer Marketing is Word of Mouth on Demand

If a marketer could pay someone to recommend their products to their friends, they would. Why? Because recommendations from friends are more successful at driving consideration than anything else. The problem has always been, how do you get word of mouth recommendations at scale & on demand?

Enter influencers. Many people, millennials even more so, have grown up with social media influencers, watching them as their lives changed, their attitudes developed, and their audiences grew. When social media creators make a recommendation, their viewers are listening.

And, in a world where consumers research more than ever before, having a digital presence isn’t just a good thing to do, it makes or breaks a brand. Influencers are a key part of making it.

Influencer Marketing Drives ROI

Driving ROI is one of the top concerns we hear from marketers. What results can they expect and how will they track it?

Short answer is, influencers can drive better results than any other channel, and we can help you track it easily, across the entire marketing funnel.

Are you looking for brand lift? Check out our work with Anki, a robotic toy company, or ThredUp, a fashion subscription box, for examples of influencers driving tens of millions of impressions. 

Are you looking for quality engagement? Take a look at how Target achieved mentions in over 19% of the comments on their influencer content. 

Are you looking for site traffic? Take a look at our campaign with Visa Checkout and Taco Bell that achieved an unfathomable 20% CTR to app downloads.

And, those directly trackable results don’t even take into consideration the value of the backlinks to your site, the impact on SEO, and the evergreen nature of the content.

Reelio develops custom influencer ROI strategy, get in touch to learn more.

Influencer Campaign Unbox Therapy and Anki

Unboxtherapy + Anki

Patrick Starr & Lyft Influencer Campaign

Patrick Starr + Lyft

Influencer Marketing Scales

To scale influencer marketing you have to first reduce the time it takes to find and work with influencers. This is the biggest contribution the Reelio platform has to marketing efforts. With the Reelio platform, you can not only search for influencers easily, but you can also browse curated lists of recommended talent, and have influencers reach out to you directly in response to your brand opportunity.

Once you find the right influencers, Reelio’s workflow management tools reduce friction so you can make great content faster. This enables marketers to work with more influencers, more quickly, increasing ROI.

You can also scale influencer content by introducing paid advertising of the organic content. Start by partnering with a large set of influencers to create a variety of content and test effectiveness. Then, select the top few pieces of content that perform best and sponsor those posts to increase their reach substantially. Finally, Reelio has even taken the best performing paid content and enabled brands to license that content for television, resulting in extremely high performing ads that don’t require the production time, or cost, associated with creating commercials.

Scale is not only possible with influencers, but highly effective.

They educate, entertain and inspire. Creators bring the art to Reelio.

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