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We have developed a suite of solutions that work for a every brand, at any scale. Explore them here, and feel free to contact us if you’re not sure which one is right for you.

Launch your campaign today! Our automated platform helps you get rolling with budgets of any size.

Ready to take influencer marketing to the next level? Our expert Account Managers run everything for you, results guaranteed.

Manage Influencer Marketing campaigns for multiple brands. Our whitelabeled brand portal enables automated workflow.

The world’s best brands create authentic and engaging content with Reelio.

Every social post is a marketing opportunity.

Reelio redefines the influencer marketing equation by combining the transparency and scale of programmatic media buying with the creativity and authenticity of social video content. Make sure consumers hear about your brand through a voice they trust.

How it Works

Find Influencers

Influencers are excited to work with you! Use the platform to search, or let us curate talent tailored to your brand’s voice.

Create Content

Feature your brand in the most creative posts on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat, and more.

Track Campaigns

Access up-to-date reports on your campaigns, including data such as demographics, views, likes, dislikes, comments, clicks and more.

Experience the power of trusted and authentic voices.

  • Chachi Gonzales


      Chachi Gonzales 2.9mm+ Reach
    • LinusTechTips


        LinusTechTips 2.6mm+ Reach
      • DamonAndJo


          DamonAndJo 451k+ Reach
        • ScottDW


            ScottDW 734k+ Reach
          • Arlyne Sanjines


              Arlyne Sanjines 322k+ Reach
            • Daym Drops


                Daym Drops 718k+ Reach
              • “We’ve been so pleased with Reelio. The team is above stellar. We really appreciate the great service and commitment to helping us meet our goals, by making our goals part of theirs.”

                Molly Laufer
                Molly Laufer Director, Customer Acquisition at NatureBox
              • "We conducted a survey, asking how people found us. For every 1 person who converted directly from YouTube, 3 more said they found us on the platform.  For example, nearly 1 in 5 search customers said they learned about VideoBlocks on YouTube! While we see this often, there is no question YouTube produces the largest halo effect. "

                TJ Leonard
                TJ Leonard CEO at Videoblocks
              • “YouTube Influencer programs are an essential part of our content marketing strategy. The Reelio team provides great creative ideas, helping us develop and produce campaigns that resonate with our tween audience and over deliver targeted goals.”

                Dominique Fleurant
                Dominique Fleurant Director, Marketing & Digital Experience at Wooky Entertainment
              • “You guys have been the most effective driver of acquisitions of all the things we’ve tried.”

                Nada Arnot
                Nada Arnot VP Marketing & Growth at Hearst Digital Studios
              • “After seeing Reelio’s predictive analytic abilities and track record... we wanted to use them more and more. We’ve seen outstanding results and look forward to working with them for future campaigns. They’re the best in the game.” - Shiv Singh

                Shiv Singh
                Shiv Singh SVP Global Head of Digital & Marketing Transformation at Visa

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