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The first critical step in setting up a successful influencer campaign is choosing the right talent to work with. We don’t believe in limiting that choice in any way.

Reelio works with influencers across the entire social media landscape, enabling us to partner our clients with the absolute best match possible based on audience demographics and performance data.

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Reelio Influencer Platform

Powered by Data and Technology

Reelio is not only an Influencer Marketing Agency but also a technology platform. The Reelio Platform enables us to run streamlined, cost-effective campaigns for our clients with higher ROI.

Reelio’s clients are empowered to make data-driven decisions at every stage of the process, from choosing talent with audience demographics, to campaign optimization with performance analysis.

Award-winning Expertise

Headquartered in New York City, we’ve been helping brands and influencers create content together since well before “influencer marketing” started to trend. We knew that creative and engaging branded content, from the voice of the customer, was the next step in digital advertising.

Our highly creative, strategic, and innovative campaigns are not only award-winning, but impactful for our clients, year over year.

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