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Reelio’s Influencer Marketing Platform enables brands and agencies to make influencer content efficiently. And best of all, our certified Account Strategists are ready to help you find influencers, reach out to them, negotiate rates, and more.

Step-by-Step Influencer Workflow Overview

1. Find Influencers

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2. Manage Workflow

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3. Track Influencer ROI

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4. Scale Your Content

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1. Find Influencers

We know finding the right influencers for your brand can be the hardest part of the process. We’ve built four different ways find influencers to make it easy and efficient:

  • Influencer Search – Search through the YouTube and Facebook APIs and add influencers directly to your campaign with a click.
  • Featured Creators – Browse curated lists of Reelio’s best performing influencers grouped by category. Test out the Featured Creator tool here.
  • Reelio Marketplace – List your brand opportunity so that Reelio’s vetted community of creators can reach out to you with a pitch for their channel and content idea.
  • Custom Influencer Lists –  Have your Reelio Account Strategist put together a custom curated list of influencers for your specific brand’s goals, target demographics, and budget.
Influencer Platform Featured Creators Tool
Influencer Workflow Management

2. Manage the Workflow

Getting to that piece of super compelling influencer content takes a lot of steps. Once you’ve found the right influencers, you have to negotiate rates, sign contracts, communicate needs, review content, and then of course, track it. This can take a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to.

Reelio’s Platform has advanced workflow features to streamline the process of working with influencers and ensure you’re creating great content efficiently. You can build shareable rosters of influencers, create custom contracts, keep communications in-line with notifications about key actions and next steps, review content and provide feedback, and of course, track results. Save the spreadsheets, hours, and headaches for another day.

3. Track Influencer ROI

“If you can’t track it, it didn’t happen” is the mantra of any smart marketer. That’s why Reelio provides a detailed analytics dashboard to review the performance of influencer content in depth on YouTube, Facebook, and soon to come, Instagram.
With reporting, you can keep track of views, engagements and more, all in one place, automatically.

Influencer Platform Analytics
Influencer Platform Scale

4. Scale Influencer Marketing

Scaling influencer marketing has never been easier with Reelio. Our streamlined workflow means you don’t have to worry about getting contracts signed quickly,  or influencers missing key draft and publication due dates. And, up-to-date reporting on all the media you created means you can save time and forget the spreadsheets.

Marketers who could previously only manage 3-5 influencers on their own, can now manage 10-20 with Reelio. By increasing the quantity of content you create, you can test a wider variety of content faster and optimize your efforts. 

Reelio Platform Features

Influencer Search Icon


 Search Youtube & Facebook for creators and add them to your campaign directly.

Featured Creators Icon

Featured Creators

Access lists of highly recommended influencers in key categories who are great to work with and effective.

Influencer Marketplace Icon


List your brand opportunity and have influencers send you pitches to join your campaign.

Influencer Strategists Icon

Add-on Strategists

Get help finding, reaching out to, and negotiating with creators from your dedicated Account Strategist.  

Influencer Demographics Icon

Demographic Data

Access gender, age, and location data about the audience of an influencer so you can be sure it aligns with your target.

Custom Contracts Icon

Customizable Contracts

Request multiple pieces of content on multiple platforms in a single contract, and attach additional terms or assets as needed. 

Approve Content Icon

Content Approval

Review draft content and provide feedback before approving it for publication.

Projected Views Icon

Projected Views

Anticipate the viewership of influencer’s content with the help of Reelio’s algorithm.

Certified Account Strategists ready to help you.

 Curated Influencer Lists

We’ve partnered hundreds of brands with thousands of influencers, so we know a thing or two about how to curate the right talent. Reelio’s Influencer Marketing Strategists can put together a custom list of influencers for you based on your brand’s goals and target demographics.

Influencer Onboarding

Once you’ve picked the influencers you like, now you have to get in touch with them, find out if they like your opportunity, and negotiate the right price. This can be tough but we’re here to help. Reelio’s in-house specialists fully onboard the influencers you approve to your campaign so you can focus on the content strategy and results.

Platform Case Studies

Demo the Reelio Platform

Reelio has been of great help in finding new creators… and it makes communication and campaign execution way easier to handle.

Reelio client Diego Vicente

Diego de Vicente