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What if I don’t like a video a creator produced?

Although very rare, when expectations and video requirements are not clearly communicated in the initial campaign description, it is possible that certain expectations won’t be met. Also, when communicating with a Creator through the Reelio platform, make sure you promptly respond to any questions the Creator asks about how they should make the video.

As a brand, you are entitled to request one round of edits from a Creator after reviewing their video. Remember, however, that it is much easier to edit out content than it is to add new content after the fact, which is partly why it is so important to communicate all expectations and requirements to the Creator before filming. Also, in the event you do request that reasonable edits be made, please be sure to communicate all of your requests at the same time.

If the video is still unacceptable to you after the Creator has made a round of edits, please notify us and we will review the campaign opportunity and the disputed video and try to reach an acceptable resolution for all parties. In most cases, if a brand does not choose to use the final video, the brand may still pay the Creator a “Kill Fee” in addition to Reelio’s fee. In that case, the Creator may then edit out all content mentioning the brand and use the remainder of the content for themselves. See Section 8.2 and Section 9.5 of the Reelio Platform Terms of Use for more information.

Remember that most Creators either aspire to or already produce content as their primary source of income. As long as you respect a Creator’s relationship with his or her audience, allowing them to make content that will be authentic to their personality and their channel, the Creator will likely be more than happy to accommodate reasonable edit requests.

Why doesn’t my video look like a TV commercial?

Advertisers often make the mistake of approaching YouTube Creator marketing in the same way they approach TV advertising.  This leads advertisers to think about YouTube Creators in the same way they might think about a TV spokesperson or celebrity endorsement.  The objective of Creator marketing, however, is not to find a TV-ready spokesperson or professional actor who is eager to memorize a script.  Remember that Creators have their own brand, their own style of content, and they must deliver what they know their audience has come to expect from them. Anything else would be inauthentic and therefore ineffective, a true lose-lose situation for the advertiser and Creator involved.  Advertisers who insist that YouTube Creators create content according to their own specifications – even if successful in having a video produced – will inevitably risk creating content that alienates the YouTube Creator’s audience, ultimately causing the audience to reject the advertiser’s message. Creators know their audiences very well, so it’s generally a good practice to listen to their feedback and allow them to exercise their creativity in how they integrate your brand into their videos.

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About Reelio

What is Reelio?

Reelio was co-founded by four friends who held a shared passion for music, film and technology. A central part of our mission is to make it easier for talented creators to support themselves through the amazing content they create. We do this primarily by connecting brands with creators who are interested in sponsorship opportunities. Brands can also post campaign opportunities to Reelio’s Influencer Marketplace (creators can join here), where creators can review and apply to opportunities that interest them. A central part of Reelio’s mission is to make it easier for talented creators to support themselves through the amazing content they make – we think that giving brands access to creators through our website is the best way to do it.


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Working with creators

Managing Your Partners

Encourage interaction

Ask your partners to engage with your product showing a connection, and giving the video content credibility.

Call to action

Your call to action is the lifeblood of any marketing campaign.

  • Promote your product. Have your partner verbally promote your brand and product in the video.i.e. – “Click the link below to get amazing discounts on [your product name]!”
  • Create a tracking link.Provide a link for the audience to click on. Combine your call to action and your tracking link as a powerful combo to boost click through rates.i.e. – “Try your free [your product name] today. Visit [your link] to get 20% off!”

Important talking points

The Additional Requirements section of your offer should include specific details like, talking points, and any do’s and don’ts about your product.

Things to avoid

  • Don’t approve your partners’ videos off-platform, because our system requires an approval for payments to be processed correctly.
  • Avoid requesting the creator to include your brand’s name in the video title. Our data has shown that including the brand’s name in the title can hurt viewership numbers.


How soon should I respond to creator messages?

It’s very important to respond to messages, pitches, and especially video submissions in a timely fashion. The best practice is to respond to communications or take actions within 24 hours of receipt.

Why isn’t a YouTube creator responding?

Some YouTube Creators have multiple sponsorship opportunities that they are working on simultaneously. So like any business, it may take time for them to complete one assignment before they can move on to the next. Please try to give Creators at least 72 hours to respond to your messages. In the rare event that you cannot reach a Creator who is making a video for you, please contact us directly at help@reeliolabs.com and provide us the name of your campaign and the Creator you wish to reach. If we cannot re-establish communication, we will either release funds back to your payment instrument or otherwise credit your account so you can work with a different Creator.

Can I browse a list of creators and reach out to them directly?

Reelio will soon provide a list of featured YouTube Creators that brands can browse and then invite to join their Reelio Campaigns. Most Creators on Reelio will not appear on this featured list, however, so the best way to find and partner with YouTube Creators is to post your campaign opportunity to the Creator Marketplace directly.

Can I move my relationship with a YouTube creator off the platform?

No, in most cases this would violate our Terms of Use – see Section 9.2 for more details. That said, if you begin to transact a high volume of deals through the Influencer Marketplace, we invite you to contact us directly about the possibility of receiving a volume discount on our standard fees.

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Launching a campaign

How should I describe my campaign opportunity?

The more detail you can provide in the description of your campaign, the greater the likelihood of receiving quality pitches from Creators who fit your brand. Also, it’s important to clearly communicate requirements and expectations at the outset, before Creators begin filming their videos, as this will help avoid lots of back and forth later on in the process.

Reelio recommends that you include:

  1. Brand Overview & Website: Describe your Brand and your products and/or services. What are your brand values and what are the benefits you provide to your customers? What distinguishes you from your competition? Make sure to include a link to your website so Creators can check out your product.
  2. Creative Brief: What are your desired video concepts and creative direction? What are the relevant talking points or product details that Creators should reference in their video? What topics, language, or phrases should Creators avoid completely (e.g., for regulatory or competitive reasons)?
  3. Specific Call to Action: Should Creators direct their viewers to a specific website, to sign up for a mailing list, receive coupons, or take some other specific action? Will you provide a discount code or other coupon offer? Remember that Reelio can automatically generate unique tracking links for Creators to include with their video so you can track how many clicks your sponsored videos are earning.
  4. Product Shipping: Do you have specific products that you will ship to Creators to feature in their videos? How will the shipments be ordered, tracked, and delivered? What is the delivery timeline? Are there any places you cannot ship?
  5. Video Tags: What video “tags” (or keywords) should Creators use to describe the video so that it can more easily be found by your target audience via YouTube search?

When will my campaign appear in the Reelio Marketplace?

Reelio reviews campaign opportunities before they are posted into the Influencer Marketplace. If you do not receive confirmation that your campaign opportunity has been successfully posted, please contact us at help@reeliolabs.com.

We do reserve the right not to post a campaign opportunity to the Influencer Marketplace, particularly if it is (1) poorly written or unclear; (2) your brand’s products or services cannot be located on the Internet or are not yet available; or (3) your campaign photograph does not adequately detail your brand’s products or services.

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Brands on Reelio

Why do brands join Reelio?

Joining Reelio provides brands numerous benefits, including the following:

  1. Massive audiences: YouTube reaches more adults aged 18-34 than any cable network – it’s also the second largest search engine behind Google, with 6 billion hours of content viewed every month.
  2. Select and Secure the right partners: Reelio makes it incredibly easy for brands to partner with popular YouTube Creators who are already engaged with audiences that brands want to reach – all contracting and payments are handled directly through the platform.
  3. Video marketing at a great price: Rather than investing time and resources to have videos produced in-house and spending additional money on distribution, brands can have great videos made for just a few hundred dollars each.
  4. Pricing and Performance Insights: Reelio provides brands a suite of software tools allowing them to select the best YouTube partners for their brand – this includes data driven recommendations about pricing, audience fit, and reporting on video performance metrics.

How much does Reelio cost?

There is no up-front cost for a brand to use Reelio’s Influencer Marketplace; instead, Reelio charges brands a flat fee equal to 20% of the amounts actually paid to the YouTube Creators making promotional videos; for example, if your brand pays a creator $500 to make a video, the total cost including Reelio’s 20% fee will be $600. This does not include any Paypal or other credit card processing fees.

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I’m part of an MCN. Can I still join Reelio?

Yes! Reelio does not require any exclusive contracts, so we play well with MCNs. We work with Creators who belong to MCNs all the time and we have direct relationships with many large MCNs as well. Since every MCN agreement is different, you may want to check the agreement you have with your MCN to see if there are any specific restrictions that would prevent you from working with Reelio. If you need to put us in touch with someone at your MCN to work through the proper channels, please let us know!

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How payments work

When will I get paid?

After accepting a brand’s offer, you will be paid 50% of your total earnings. Publish your approved video through Reelio to receive the remaining 50% your earnings.

Payments are sent out every week, on Friday.

In some cases, we may offer other scheduled payments, however this is done on a case-by-case basis.

How do I get paid?

Reelio currently processes payments through Paypal. We are hard at work integrating other forms of payment options into our system.

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Working with brands

Why hasn’t my video pitch been accepted by a brand?

Sometimes it can take a few days for a brand to review and decide whether to accept specific video pitches – especially if multiple creators are sending pitches to the same brand. The best way to increase the likelihood that your pitch is accepted is to focus on brands that are a good match for your audience and to tailor your pitch to the brand. Reelio recommends:

  1. Don’t send the same pitch to every brand. If brands believe that you are excited about their specific product, they’ll be more motivated to work with you. Try to do some research on the brand to find additional ways that you or your audience might align with the brand’s message; then create a pitch that is truly tailored to the brand.
  2. Send pitches to brands that naturally fit your channel and your audience.  Brands care about whether a Creator has the right audience and whether that audience is engaged, not merely audience size. If your primary audience is male, ages 18 to 34, then you should focus on sending pitches to brands that sell products that appeal to that audience. If you have a really engaged audience, let the brand know by referencing facts that show how your audience engages with your channel.
  3. Provide detail so brands can envision your final video, but keep your pitch concise. Many brands using Reelio are experimenting with  sponsored videos for the first time, so they may not know exactly what to expect. If you have other videos similar to the concept you are pitching, or if you’ve seen other similar videos, you might provide links to those videos to the give the brand a better idea of what you’re talking about. Although detail is important, too much information can be overwhelming, so provide as much detail as possible without going overboard.
  4. Don’t give up! Even if a brand doesn’t accept your pitch the first time around, they may still be interested in working with you in the future. Sometimes brands will select only a few creators for their first batch of videos, but come back for more videos and more creators once they’ve seen how well those videos turn out.

Do I have to submit my video for brand approval before publishing it?

Yes, you must submit through Reelio a private link to your “unlisted” video for Brand approval before you publish it publicly to your channel. Failure to do so means that you have breached the campaign terms for the campaign and that you may not be entitled to compensation for the video.  

Can brands request edits to my video before they approve it?

Yes, that’s an important part of the process. In order to make sure that both Brands and Creators have a positive experience working with each other on Reelio, we do require that Creators be willing to make one round of edits if requested by the brand. We also ask Brands to clearly communicate all expectations and requirements in their campaign description, so if you feel like you need clarification on what the expectations are, please message the Brand directly. If you feel like the Brand is asking for too many edits, please feel free to contact us directly at help@reeliolabs.com and we will jump in to help try and work things out.

Can brands require that I take down my video?

In very rare cases, a Brand may request that you remove or take-down a video you’ve posted, particularly if you posted it without approval. If that happens, you do need to take down the video from your channel, but you may edit the video to remove any references to the brand and then repost the edited video to your channel as long as it doesn’t contain any references to the Brand.

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For YouTubers: Do I still own my videos if they are sponsored?

Absolutely! You still own the videos you make, unless you’ve made a separate agreement with the brand to give them ownership (for example, if you make a video for the brand to post on their own website that they will own), but this is fairly rare. If you post the branded video to your channel, the brand may also post links to your video on their social media accounts and website using YouTube’s embedded media player, but you would still maintain ownership of the video even in that case.



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Why does Reelio ask me to login with my Google Account and see my YouTube analytics reports?

Good question. It can be a little scary when websites you haven’t used before ask for this stuff. We ask for certain permissions from your YouTube account to give brands the information they’ll need to decide whether they want to sponsor you. It’s all part of our core mission to make it possible for creators to support themselves through their content by making it extremely easy for brand sponsors to work with creators.

First, brand sponsors need to know that creators on the Reelio platform are actually who they say they are. It would suck if someone signed up for Reelio pretending to own your YouTube channel, right? Verifying your Google account helps solve that problem.

Second, brands need to know that they can reach their audience by partnering with content creators on Reelio. If brands know that certain creators have the right audience, and if they know that it will be easy for them to see how their sponsored videos actually perform, then they will be much more willing to pay creators to make sponsored videos in the first place. So when it comes to YouTube permissions, here’s what we’re asking for and why:

View Your Email Address We need to know the email address associated with your YouTube account. This allows us to contact you at that specific email address, which is not always available on your YouTube channel.

Basic Profile Information We need this to view your profile picture, name, and other profile information that you’ve decided to enter on your Google+ page. This information allows us to more easily match you with brand sponsorships that are likely to align with the content you create.

View YouTube Analytic Reports This one is important because it allows us to provide brands a measure of how effective their creator partnerships are in driving awareness and engagement among their key audience. This information includes video view count and audience demographics such as gender, age and location.

View your YouTube Account This helps brands confirm that you are who you say you are, and further, that you are the owner of the YouTube channel they’ve identified as a potential partner. Brands trust Reelio because they know the Creators on the site are legit.

Hopefully this helps clarify why we ask for certain permissions regarding your YouTube account. Remember also that your data is always protected by our Privacy Policy and that we take appropriate technical measures to maintain the security of your personal information on Reelio, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), password encryption, etc. We do not sell your data to any external websites, we cannot manage your channel or post on your behalf, and we only ask for information that we think is helpful to get you awesome brand sponsorships – after all, that’s why we’re here.

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Influencers and Reelio

Why do creators join Reelio?

Here at Reelio, we put creators first. Below is a list of benefits creators experience working with us:

  1. Earn money: get paid to feature products or services in your videos!
  2. Career Development: get experience working with brands and growing your audience through great brand partnerships. Check out our highlight reel + learn what creators say about Reelio.
  3. No Fees: Reelio is entirely free to use for influencers.
  4. No Exclusive Contracts: Reelio is an open platform that does not require creators to sign exclusive contracts or give up any ownership in their videos or control over their channel. Because we are network agnostic, we’re able to work with you no matter if you’re represented by a talent manager, an agent, an MCN.



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How much money can I make?

There’s really no limit, but each campaign opportunity will have a payment range that is set by the brand. Generally speaking, the payment amounts are between $100 and $1000 per video, but often there are even bigger opportunities, so if you have a large channel, you could make even more! You can also apply to multiple campaign opportunities, but we recommend that you apply primarily to only those that are a natural fit for your channel. Also, one of the great things about Reelio is that it’s completely free to creators – we only charge fees to the brands.

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How much does Reelio cost?

Reelio is 100% free for creators!

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How do I join or log in to Reelio?

If you have been invited to join Reelio, you need to have at least 10,000 subscribers to access the platform. Note that if your subscriber count is hidden, we may be unable to verify the number of subscribers you have, which could prevent you from joining Reelio.

Also make sure that when you log in to Reelio, you use the Google account registered with the YouTube channel you want to use for Reelio, if you have YouTube. If you have more than one Google account, it can get confusing, but remember that you can always visit https://www.youtube.com/account to double check the Google account associated with the YouTube channel you want to use for Reelio.

If all else fails send us an email at help@reeliolabs.com. We’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours! Also, subscribe to our creator newsletter to receive the newest brand opportunities directly in your inbox.

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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a new paradigm as compared to traditional television advertising. Check out our sizzle reel of the influencer campaigns we’ve facilitated. Influencers are often ordinary people that have, over several years, cultivated a massive audience, simply by being themselves and by sharing their every day life through online video. This is partly what makes it easy for their viewers to relate to them and what has allowed them to build loyal and engaged audiences. In order to most effectively plug into an influencer’s massive audiences, brands must understand this dynamic and should remain open to the possibility of leaving behind preconceived notions about broadcast advertising (this is an influencer marketing best practice).

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